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xylosystems is a small team of entrepreneurs and artists, founded as a web development firm, over the years evolving a unique skill set for digital media and online marketing.

solutions for when no existing tools quite fit

we specialize in custom server-side and client-side development, combining technologies in new and unexpected ways, pulling together APIs from various web services and wrapping them in simplified interfaces.  So if the software and services you've tried are not quite right or are too expensive, we may be able to help with a streamlined custom-designed solution.

online advertising and email marketing

our PPC network relationships give our affiliate publishers the opportunity to monetize their traffic and receive payouts that are more than competitive.  As a niche player in the industry, we can build custom campaigns in just about any category.  Our minimal but powerful ad tracking system keeps traffic quality high and delivers advertisers the customers they want.  We offer our affiliates some unique reporting tools to give them flexibility in how they view their data.  If you are interested in our affiliate program, please contact us.

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example services

PPC marketing

using the best keyword research tools to build the highest-performing customized PPC campaigns and using the data they generate to keep them optimized

data visualization

combining graphical frameworks to create original and interactive charts and graphs that make what's important in your data stand out

web development

building and deploying open-source based systems on cloud and increasingly blockchain technologies for websites, admin dashboards, flexible reporting tools, etc.

music generation

analyzing data streams from the web or live video to generate evolving algorithmic ambient music for films or background music for the home or workplace

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contact us

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